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       std::weak_ptr< _Tp > -


       Inherits __weak_ptr< _Tp >.

   Public Member Functions
       template<typename _Tp1 > weak_ptr (const weak_ptr< _Tp1 > &__r)
       template<typename _Tp1 > weak_ptr (const shared_ptr< _Tp1 > &__r)
       shared_ptr< _Tp > lock () const
       template<typename _Tp1 > weak_ptr & operator= (const weak_ptr< _Tp1 > &__r)
       template<typename _Tp1 > weak_ptr & operator= (const shared_ptr< _Tp1 > &__r)

Detailed Description

   template<typename _Tp>class std::weak_ptr< _Tp >
       A smart pointer with weak semantics.

       With forwarding constructors and assignment operators.

       Definition at line 321 of file shared_ptr.h.


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