Provided by: atfs-dev_1.4pl6-11_amd64 bug


       stMktime, stWriteTime - date and time handling


       #include <config.h>
       #include <sttk.h.h>

       time_tstMktime (char *string);

       char*stWriteTime (time_t date);


       stMktime  scans the given string and tries to read a date and time from it. It understands
       various formats of date strings. The following is a list of all  valid  formats,  optional
       parts in brackets.

       [Tue] Jan 5[,] [19]93
                     This includes the standard asctime(3) format.

       Jan 5         With no year given, the year defaults to the current year.

       [19]93/01/05  This notation requires month and day represented by exactly two digits.

       5.1.[19]93    This is the usual German notation.

       5.1.          German notation referencing the current year.

       A certain time, given together with the date must always have the following form.

                       Each  of  the  fields  must  be  an  integer value within the proper range
                       (hours: 0-23, minutes and seconds: 0-59). Values below 10 may  be  written
                       as one digit numbers.

       The time value may be placed anywhere in the date string: at the beginning, at the end, or
       somewhere in the middle. Any amount of whitespace may be given between a field of the time
       value and the separating colon. The time is always considered to be local time.

       stWriteTime generates a time string similar to asctime(3) from its date argument.




       Time  Zone  Names  within  the  time string (like `MET') are not handled properly. In most
       cases they will cause a failure.