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       textutil::split - Procedures to split texts


       package require Tcl  8.2

       package require textutil::split  ?0.7?

       ::textutil::split::splitn string ?len?

       ::textutil::split::splitx string ?regexp?



       The  package  textutil::split  provides  commands that split strings by size and arbitrary
       regular expressions.

       The complete set of procedures is described below.

       ::textutil::split::splitn string ?len?
              This command splits the given string into chunks of len characters  and  returns  a
              list  containing these chunks. The argument len defaults to 1 if none is specified.
              A negative length is not allowed and will cause the  command  to  throw  an  error.
              Providing  an  empty  string  as  input is allowed, the command will then return an
              empty list. If the length of the string is not an  entire  multiple  of  the  chunk
              length, then the last chunk in the generated list will be shorter than len.

       ::textutil::split::splitx string ?regexp?
              This  command splits the string and return a list. The string is split according to
              the regular expression regexp instead of a simple list of chars.  Note that if  you
              parentheses  are  added  into the regexp, the parentheses part of separator will be
              added into the result list as additional element. If the string is empty the result
              is  the empty list, like for split. If regexp is empty the string is split at every
              character, like split does.   The  regular  expression  regexp  defaults  to  "[\\t


       This  document,  and  the  package  it  describes, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other
       problems.  Please report  such  in  the  category  textutil  of  the  Tcllib  SF  Trackers
       [].    Please  also  report  any  ideas  for
       enhancements you may have for either package and/or documentation.


       regexp(3tcl), split(3tcl), string(3tcl)


       regular expression, split, string


       Text processing