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       tlp::AcyclicTest -

       Class for testing if the graph is acyclic.


       #include <AcyclicTest.h>

       Inherits tlp::GraphObserver.

   Static Public Member Functions
       static bool isAcyclic (const Graph *graph)
       static void makeAcyclic (Graph *graph, std::vector< edge > &reversed, std::vector<
           tlp::SelfLoops > &selfLoops)
       static bool acyclicTest (const Graph *, std::vector< edge > *obstructionEdges=0)

Detailed Description

       Class for testing if the graph is acyclic.

Member Function Documentation

   static bool tlp::AcyclicTest::isAcyclic (const Graph *graph) [static] returns true if the
       graph is acyclic, false if not. The result is cached (ie. the next call with the same
       graph is done in O(1) time)


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