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       tlp::ColorProperty -


       #include <ColorProperty.h>

       Inherits tlp::AbstractProperty< ColorType, ColorType, ColorAlgorithm >.

   Public Member Functions
       ColorProperty (Graph *)
       PropertyInterface * clonePrototype (Graph *, std::string)
       void copy (const node, const node, PropertyInterface *)
       void copy (const edge, const edge, PropertyInterface *)

       class ColorAlgorithm

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   tlp::ColorProperty::ColorProperty (Graph *)

Member Function Documentation

   PropertyInterface* tlp::ColorProperty::clonePrototype (Graph *, std::string) [virtual]
       Implements tlp::PropertyInterface.

   void tlp::ColorProperty::copy (const edge, const edge, PropertyInterface *) [virtual]
       Implements tlp::PropertyInterface.

   void tlp::ColorProperty::copy (const node, const node, PropertyInterface *) [virtual]
       Implements tlp::PropertyInterface.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

   friend class ColorAlgorithm [friend]


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