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       tlp::GlDisplayListManager -

       Singleton used to manage OpenGl display list.


       #include <GlDisplayListManager.h>

   Public Member Functions
       void changeContext (unsigned long context)
       void removeContext (unsigned long context)
       bool beginNewDisplayList (const std::string &name)
       void endNewDisplayList ()
       bool callDisplayList (const std::string &name)

   Static Public Member Functions
       static GlDisplayListManager & getInst ()

Detailed Description

       Singleton used to manage OpenGl display list.

       Singleton used to manage OpenGl display list. First createInst must be call.

Member Function Documentation

   bool tlp::GlDisplayListManager::beginNewDisplayList (const std::string &name) Begin to record
       a new display list with name : name
   bool tlp::GlDisplayListManager::callDisplayList (const std::string &name) Call display list
       with name : name
   void tlp::GlDisplayListManager::changeContext (unsigned longcontext) Change OpenGl context
       because display list can't be shared in different context
   void tlp::GlDisplayListManager::endNewDisplayList () End the current record of display list
   static GlDisplayListManager& tlp::GlDisplayListManager::getInst () [inline, static] Return the
       current instance. If instance doesn't exist, create it.
   void tlp::GlDisplayListManager::removeContext (unsigned longcontext) remove context


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