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       tlp::GlLayer -


       #include <GlLayer.h>

   Public Member Functions
       GlLayer (const std::string &name)
       void setScene (GlScene *scene)
       GlScene * getScene ()
       std::string getName ()
       void setCamera (Camera *camera)
       void setCamera (const Camera &camera)
       void set2DMode ()
       Camera * getCamera ()
       void setVisible (bool visible)
       bool isVisible ()
       void addGlEntity (GlSimpleEntity *entity, const std::string &name)
       void deleteGlEntity (const std::string &key)
       void deleteGlEntity (GlSimpleEntity *entity)
       GlSimpleEntity * findGlEntity (const std::string &key)
       std::map< std::string, GlSimpleEntity * > * getDisplays ()
       void acceptVisitor (GlSceneVisitor *visitor)
       GlComposite * getComposite ()
       void clear ()
       void getXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode)
       void setWithXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode)

Detailed Description

       Layer class

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   tlp::GlLayer::GlLayer (const std::string &name) Layer constructor : construct a layer with his

Member Function Documentation

   void tlp::GlLayer::acceptVisitor (GlSceneVisitor *visitor) function used by visitors to visit
       this layer
   void tlp::GlLayer::addGlEntity (GlSimpleEntity *entity, const std::string &name) Add an entity
       to GlComposite of the layer
   void tlp::GlLayer::clear () [inline] Remove all entities of the layer
   void tlp::GlLayer::deleteGlEntity (const std::string &key) Delete entity with name : key
   void tlp::GlLayer::deleteGlEntity (GlSimpleEntity *entity) Delete entity
   GlSimpleEntity* tlp::GlLayer::findGlEntity (const std::string &key) Return entity with name :
   Camera* tlp::GlLayer::getCamera () [inline] Return the layer's camera
   GlComposite* tlp::GlLayer::getComposite () [inline] Return the GlComposite used by the layer
   std::map<std::string, GlSimpleEntity*>* tlp::GlLayer::getDisplays () Return the map of layer's
   std::string tlp::GlLayer::getName () [inline] Return the layer's name
   GlScene* tlp::GlLayer::getScene () [inline] Return the scene where the layer is
   void tlp::GlLayer::getXML (xmlNodePtrrootNode) Return the layer's data in XML
   bool tlp::GlLayer::isVisible () [inline] Return if the layer is visible
   void tlp::GlLayer::set2DMode () [inline] Replace the layer's camera with a new 2D one
   void tlp::GlLayer::setCamera (Camera *camera) [inline] Set the layer's camera with a pointer
       to a camera
   void tlp::GlLayer::setCamera (const Camera &camera) [inline] Set the layer's camera
   void tlp::GlLayer::setScene (GlScene *scene) [inline] Set the scene where the layer is
   void tlp::GlLayer::setVisible (boolvisible) [inline] Set if the layer is visible
   void tlp::GlLayer::setWithXML (xmlNodePtrrootNode) Set the layer's data with XML


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