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       tlp::GlNominativeAxis -

       A class to render an axis graduated with string values.


       #include <GlNominativeAxis.h>

       Inherits tlp::GlAxis.

   Public Member Functions
       GlNominativeAxis (const std::string &axisName, const Coord &axisBaseCoord, const float
           axisLength, const AxisOrientation &axisOrientation, const Color &axisColor)
       void setAxisGraduationsLabels (const std::vector< std::string > &axisGradsLabels, const
           LabelPosition &labelsPosition)
       void updateAxis ()
       Coord getAxisPointCoordForValue (std::string value)
       std::string getValueAtAxisPoint (const Coord &axisPointCoord)
       void translate (const Coord &c)

Detailed Description

       A class to render an axis graduated with string values.

       This class allow to draw a nominative axis (i.e. an axis graduated with string values)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   tlp::GlNominativeAxis::GlNominativeAxis (const std::string &axisName, const Coord
       &axisBaseCoord, const floataxisLength, const AxisOrientation &axisOrientation, const Color
       &axisColor) GlNominativeAxis constructor. Build a nominative axis with no graduations
       (need to call setAxisGraduationsLabels to build them)
           axisName the name of the axis  the base coord of the axis (if the axis is horizontal,
           it is the the left end, if vertical it is the down end)  the length of the axis  the
           orientation of the axis, 2 possible values (HORIZONTAL_AXIS or VERTICAL_AXIS)  the
           color of the axis

Member Function Documentation

   Coord tlp::GlNominativeAxis::getAxisPointCoordForValue (std::stringvalue) Method to get the
       axis point coordinates associated to string value
           value the string value we want to retrieve axis point coordinates

   std::string tlp::GlNominativeAxis::getValueAtAxisPoint (const Coord &axisPointCoord) Method to
       get the string value associated to an axis point. Return '' if there is not.
           axisPointCoord the axis point coordinates we want to retrieve the associated string

   void tlp::GlNominativeAxis::setAxisGraduationsLabels (const std::vector< std::string >
       &axisGradsLabels, const LabelPosition &labelsPosition) Method to set the axis graduations
       labels. A call to updateAxis has to be done after calling this method to build or update
       the axis graduations. The labels will be placed on the axis in the same order as the
       vector passed as parameter (from bottom to top if the axis is vertical, from left to right
       if it is horizontal).
           axisGradsLabels a vector of string containing the graduations labels
           labelsPosition the relative position of the axis graduations label. Two possible
           values : LEFT_OR_BELOW (if the axis is vertical, labels will be on the left of the
           axis, otherwise below) or RIGHT_OR_ABOVE

   void tlp::GlNominativeAxis::translate (const Coord &mouvement) [virtual] translate the
       composite with children
       Reimplemented from tlp::GlAxis.

   void tlp::GlNominativeAxis::updateAxis () [virtual] Method to update the axis drawing. It has
       to be called when one (or more) of the setters method above has been used. This method
       redraw the whole axis and the graduations.
       Reimplemented from tlp::GlAxis.


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