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       tlp::GlPointManager -


       #include <GlPointManager.h>

   Public Member Functions
       bool renderingIsBegin ()
       void beginRendering ()
       void copyToNewTabs (GLuint **indices, Color **colors, Coord **coords, unsigned int
           oldSize, unsigned int newSize)
       void addPoint (const Coord &coord, const Color &color, bool size)
       void endRendering ()

   Static Public Member Functions
       static GlPointManager & getInst ()

Detailed Description

       Singleton used to manage Glew.

Member Function Documentation

   void tlp::GlPointManager::addPoint (const Coord &coord, const Color &color, boolsize) [inline]
   void tlp::GlPointManager::beginRendering () [inline]
   void tlp::GlPointManager::copyToNewTabs (GLuint **indices, Color **colors, Coord **coords,
       unsigned intoldSize, unsigned intnewSize) [inline]
   void tlp::GlPointManager::endRendering ()
   static GlPointManager& tlp::GlPointManager::getInst () [inline, static] Return the current
       instance. If instance doesn't exist, create it.
   bool tlp::GlPointManager::renderingIsBegin () [inline]


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