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       tlp::GlRectTextured -


       #include <GlRectTextured.h>

       Inherits tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

   Public Member Functions
       GlRectTextured ()
       GlRectTextured (float top, float bottom, float left, float right, const std::string
           &textureName, bool inPercent=false)
       GlRectTextured (float bottom, float left, float height, float width, const std::string
           &textureName, bool xInv, bool yInv)
       virtual ~GlRectTextured ()
       void reloadData ()
       virtual BoundingBox getBoundingBox ()
       virtual void draw (float lod, Camera *camera)
       virtual void translate (const Coord &mouvement)
       virtual void setTexture (const std::string &name)
       virtual std::string getTexture ()
       virtual void getXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode)
       virtual void setWithXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode)

   Protected Attributes
       float top
       float bottom
       float left
       float right
       bool inPercent
       std::string textureName
       bool xInv
       bool yInv

Detailed Description

       Create a rectangle with a texture

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   tlp::GlRectTextured::GlRectTextured () [inline]
   tlp::GlRectTextured::GlRectTextured (floattop, floatbottom, floatleft, floatright, const
       std::string &textureName, boolinPercent = false) Constructor : with top/bottom/left/right
       coords, textureName and if inPercent is true coords are in percent
   tlp::GlRectTextured::GlRectTextured (floatbottom, floatleft, floatheight, floatwidth, const
       std::string &textureName, boolxInv, boolyInv) Constructor : with bottom/left height,width
       coords, textureName and if xInv/yInv is true coords viewport - coord
   virtual tlp::GlRectTextured::~GlRectTextured () [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

   virtual void tlp::GlRectTextured::draw (floatlod, Camera *camera) [virtual] Draw the rectangle
       Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

   virtual BoundingBox tlp::GlRectTextured::getBoundingBox () [virtual] Return the bounding box
       Reimplemented from tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

   virtual std::string tlp::GlRectTextured::getTexture () [virtual] Get texture of the
   virtual void tlp::GlRectTextured::getXML (xmlNodePtrrootNode) [virtual] Function to export
       data in XML
       Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

   void tlp::GlRectTextured::reloadData () Reload data of the rectangle
   virtual void tlp::GlRectTextured::setTexture (const std::string &name) [virtual] Set texture
       of the GlRectTextured
   virtual void tlp::GlRectTextured::setWithXML (xmlNodePtrrootNode) [virtual] Function to set
       data with XML
       Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

   virtual void tlp::GlRectTextured::translate (const Coord &mouvement) [virtual] Translate
       Reimplemented from tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

Member Data Documentation

   float tlp::GlRectTextured::bottom [protected]
   bool tlp::GlRectTextured::inPercent [protected]
   float tlp::GlRectTextured::left [protected]
   float tlp::GlRectTextured::right [protected]
   std::string tlp::GlRectTextured::textureName [protected]
   float tlp::GlRectTextured::top [protected]
   bool tlp::GlRectTextured::xInv [protected]
   bool tlp::GlRectTextured::yInv [protected]


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