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       tlp::GlScene -


       #include <GlScene.h>

       Inherits tlp::GlObservableScene.

   Public Member Functions
       GlScene (GlLODCalculator *calculator=NULL)
       void initGlParameters ()
       void draw ()
       void centerScene ()
       void zoomXY (int step, const int x, const int y)
       void zoom (float factor, const Coord &dest)
       void zoom (int step)
       void translateCamera (const int x, const int y, const int z)
       void rotateScene (const int x, const int y, const int z)
       bool selectEntities (SelectionFlag type, int x, int y, int h, int w, GlLayer *layer,
           std::vector< unsigned long > &selectedEntities)
       void outputSVG (unsigned int size, const std::string &filename)
       void outputEPS (unsigned int size, const std::string &filename)
       unsigned char * getImage ()
       void setViewport (Vector< int, 4 > newViewport)
       void setViewport (int x, int y, int width, int height)
       Vector< int, 4 > getViewport ()
       void setBackgroundColor (const Color &color)
       Color getBackgroundColor ()
       void setViewOrtho (bool viewOrtho)
       bool isViewOrtho ()
       void setViewLabel (bool viewLabel)
       void addLayer (GlLayer *layer)
       GlLayer * getLayer (const std::string &name)
       std::vector< std::pair< std::string, GlLayer * > > * getLayersList ()
       void getXML (std::string &out)
       void setWithXML (std::string &in, Graph *graph)
       void addGlGraphCompositeInfo (GlLayer *layer, GlGraphComposite *glGraphComposite)
       GlGraphComposite * getGlGraphComposite ()
       GlLayer * getGraphLayer ()
       GlLayer * getSelectionLayer ()
       Camera * getCamera ()
       void setCamera (Camera *camera)

Detailed Description

       /brief Tulip scene class

       Tulip scene class

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   tlp::GlScene::GlScene (GlLODCalculator *calculator = NULL)

Member Function Documentation

   void tlp::GlScene::addGlGraphCompositeInfo (GlLayer *layer, GlGraphComposite
       *glGraphComposite) [inline]
   void tlp::GlScene::addLayer (GlLayer *layer) Add a layer in the scene
   void tlp::GlScene::centerScene () Center scene
   void tlp::GlScene::draw () Draw the scene
   Color tlp::GlScene::getBackgroundColor () [inline] Get the background color of the scene
   Camera* tlp::GlScene::getCamera () [inline]
   GlGraphComposite* tlp::GlScene::getGlGraphComposite () [inline]
   GlLayer* tlp::GlScene::getGraphLayer () [inline]
   unsigned char* tlp::GlScene::getImage () Return the RGB image of OpenGL view
   GlLayer* tlp::GlScene::getLayer (const std::string &name) Return the layer with name : name
   std::vector<std::pair<std::string, GlLayer*> >* tlp::GlScene::getLayersList () [inline] Return
       the layer list
   GlLayer* tlp::GlScene::getSelectionLayer () [inline]
   Vector<int, 4> tlp::GlScene::getViewport () [inline] Get the viewport of the scene
   void tlp::GlScene::getXML (std::string &out) Get XML description of the scene and children and
       store it in out string
   void tlp::GlScene::initGlParameters () Init scene's OpenGL parameters
   bool tlp::GlScene::isViewOrtho () [inline] Scene is render in orthogonal mode ?
   void tlp::GlScene::outputEPS (unsigned intsize, const std::string &filename) Output the scene
       in SVG
   void tlp::GlScene::outputSVG (unsigned intsize, const std::string &filename) Output the scene
       in SVG
   void tlp::GlScene::rotateScene (const intx, const inty, const intz) Rotate camera by (x,y,z)
   bool tlp::GlScene::selectEntities (SelectionFlagtype, intx, inty, inth, intw, GlLayer *layer,
       std::vector< unsigned long > &selectedEntities) Select entities with selection flag : type
       (SelectSimpleEntities,SelectNodes,SelectEdges) Select at position x,y with heigh : h and
       width : w Select in GlLayer : layer And store result in selectedEntities vector
   void tlp::GlScene::setBackgroundColor (const Color &color) [inline] Set the background color
       of the scene
   void tlp::GlScene::setCamera (Camera *camera) [inline]
   void tlp::GlScene::setViewLabel (boolviewLabel) [inline] Render the nodes/edges label
   void tlp::GlScene::setViewOrtho (boolviewOrtho) [inline] Set if scene is render in orthogonal
   void tlp::GlScene::setViewport (Vector< int, 4 >newViewport) [inline] Set the viewport of the
       scene with a vector
   void tlp::GlScene::setViewport (intx, inty, intwidth, intheight) [inline] Set the viewport of
       the scene with 4 int
   void tlp::GlScene::setWithXML (std::string &in, Graph *graph) Set scene's data and children
       with a XML
   void tlp::GlScene::translateCamera (const intx, const inty, const intz) Translate camera by
   void tlp::GlScene::zoom (intstep) Zoom
   void tlp::GlScene::zoom (floatfactor, const Coord &dest) Zoom
   void tlp::GlScene::zoomXY (intstep, const intx, const inty) Zoom to x,y


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