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       tlp::GridOptionsWidget -

       Widget for displaying a grid on the graph.


       #include <GridOptionsWidget.h>

   Public Slots
       void validateGrid ()
       void chGridSubdivisions ()
       void chGridSize ()
       void chDisplayGrid ()

   Public Member Functions
       GridOptionsWidget (QWidget *parent=0)
       ~GridOptionsWidget ()
       void setCurrentMainWidget (GlMainWidget *graphWidget)
       void setCurrentRenderingParametersDialog (RenderingParametersDialog *paramDialog)

   Protected Attributes
       GlMainWidget * glMainWidget
       RenderingParametersDialog * paramDialog
       tlp::GlGrid * grid

Detailed Description

       Widget for displaying a grid on the graph.

       This class is a widget accessible from the interface of Tulip Software. It is used to
       display a grid with some options.

       You can, first, choose which type of cell you'll have :

       · Subdivisions cells are computed by taking the whole length of each axis of the graph,
         andby dividing them.

       · Sized cells are directly computed with the size you indicate.

       Other options are available :

       · Display Dimensions : Allows the user to choose on which dimensions the grid will be

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   tlp::GridOptionsWidget::GridOptionsWidget (QWidget *parent = 0) Constructor.
   tlp::GridOptionsWidget::~GridOptionsWidget () Destructor.

Member Function Documentation

   void tlp::GridOptionsWidget::chDisplayGrid () [slot] Function used to change on which axis
       will be displayed the grid.
   void tlp::GridOptionsWidget::chGridSize () [slot] Function used to enable the panel 'Size'
   void tlp::GridOptionsWidget::chGridSubdivisions () [slot] Function used to enable the panel
   void tlp::GridOptionsWidget::setCurrentMainWidget (GlMainWidget *graphWidget) Function used to
       define on which GlMainWidget we are working
   void tlp::GridOptionsWidget::setCurrentRenderingParametersDialog (RenderingParametersDialog
       *paramDialog) Function used to define on which RenderingParametersDialog we are working
   void tlp::GridOptionsWidget::validateGrid () [slot] Function used to compute the grid and
       close the widget (Button OK).

Member Data Documentation

   GlMainWidget* tlp::GridOptionsWidget::glMainWidget [protected] The considered GlMainWidget
   tlp::GlGrid* tlp::GridOptionsWidget::grid [protected] The considered GlADGrid
   RenderingParametersDialog* tlp::GridOptionsWidget::paramDialog [protected] The considered


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