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       tlp::Interactor -

       Tulip interactor main class.


       #include <GWInteractor.h>

       Inherited by tlp::MouseBoxZoomer, tlp::MouseEdgeBendEditor, tlp::MouseEdgeBuilder,
       tlp::MouseEdgeSelector, tlp::MouseElementDeleter, tlp::MouseMagicSelector,
       tlp::MouseNodeBuilder, tlp::MousePanNZoomNavigator, tlp::MouseSelectionEditor,
       tlp::MouseSelector, and tlp::MouseShowElementInfos.

   Public Types
       typedef unsigned int ID

   Public Member Functions
       Interactor ()
       virtual ~Interactor ()
       virtual bool compute (GlMainWidget *glMainWidget)
       virtual bool draw (GlMainWidget *glMainWidget)
       virtual Interactor * clone ()=0
       ID getID ()
       void setID (ID i)
       virtual void setView (View *view)
       View * getView ()

   Static Public Attributes
       static const ID invalidID = 0

   Protected Attributes
       ID id
       View * view

Detailed Description

       Tulip interactor main class.

Member Typedef Documentation

   typedef unsigned int tlp::Interactor::ID

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   tlp::Interactor::Interactor () [inline] Default constructor
   virtual tlp::Interactor::~Interactor () [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

   virtual Interactor* tlp::Interactor::clone () [pure virtual] Clone the interactor
       Implemented in tlp::MouseBoxZoomer, tlp::MouseEdgeBendEditor, tlp::MouseEdgeBuilder,
       tlp::MouseEdgeSelector, tlp::MousePanNZoomNavigator, tlp::MouseElementDeleter,
       tlp::MouseNKeysNavigator, tlp::MouseMagicSelector, tlp::MouseNodeBuilder,
       tlp::MouseSelectionEditor, tlp::MouseSelector, and tlp::MouseShowElementInfos.

   virtual bool tlp::Interactor::compute (GlMainWidget *glMainWidget) [inline, virtual] This
       function compute the interactor visual feedback
       Reimplemented in tlp::MouseEdgeBendEditor, and tlp::MouseSelectionEditor.

   virtual bool tlp::Interactor::draw (GlMainWidget *glMainWidget) [inline, virtual] This
       function draw interactor
       Reimplemented in tlp::MouseBoxZoomer, tlp::MouseEdgeBendEditor, tlp::MouseEdgeBuilder,
       tlp::MouseEdgeSelector, tlp::MouseSelectionEditor, and tlp::MouseSelector.

   ID tlp::Interactor::getID () [inline] Returns:
           the id of this interactor

   View* tlp::Interactor::getView () [inline] Returns:
           the interactor connected view

   void tlp::Interactor::setID (IDi) [inline] Set the id of this interactor
   virtual void tlp::Interactor::setView (View *view) [inline, virtual] Set interactor connected

Member Data Documentation

   ID tlp::Interactor::id [protected]
   const ID tlp::Interactor::invalidID = 0 [static]
   View* tlp::Interactor::view [protected]


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