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       tlp::Observable -


       #include <Observable.h>

       Inherited by tlp::ColorScale, tlp::Graph, and tlp::PropertyInterface.

   Public Member Functions
       virtual ~Observable ()
       void addObserver (Observer *)
       unsigned int countObservers ()
       void removeObserver (Observer *)
       void removeObservers ()
       void notifyObservers ()
       void notifyDestroy ()

   Static Public Member Functions
       static void holdObservers ()
       static void unholdObservers ()

   Protected Attributes
       stdext::slist< Observer * > observersList

   Static Protected Attributes
       static int holdCounter
       static ObserverMap holdMap

Detailed Description

       All instances of that class can be observed by by an instance of the Observer class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   virtual tlp::Observable::~Observable () [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

   void tlp::Observable::addObserver (Observer *obs) [inline] Register a new observer
   unsigned int tlp::Observable::countObservers () [inline] Returns the number of observers
   static void tlp::Observable::holdObservers () [static] Queue notifications
   void tlp::Observable::notifyDestroy () Notify all the observers that the object will be
       destroyed. Need to be call into the dstructor of the observable.
   void tlp::Observable::notifyObservers () Notify all the observers
   void tlp::Observable::removeObserver (Observer *item) [inline] Remove an observer
   void tlp::Observable::removeObservers () [inline] Remove all observers
   static void tlp::Observable::unholdObservers () [static] UnQueue notifications

Member Data Documentation

   int tlp::Observable::holdCounter [static, protected]
   ObserverMap tlp::Observable::holdMap [static, protected]
   stdext::slist<Observer*> tlp::Observable::observersList [protected]


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