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       tlp::Rectangle -

       class for rectangle


       #include <Rectangle.h>

       Inherits tlp::Array< Vector< Obj, 2 >, 2 >.

   Public Member Functions
       bool intersect (const Rectangle &r) const
       void translate (const tlp::Vector< Obj, 2 > &v)

Detailed Description

   template<typename Obj>struct tlp::Rectangle< Obj >
       class for rectangle

       Enables to both create and manipulate a rectangle

       Author : <a href=">David Auber Version 0.0.1 24/01/2003

Member Function Documentation

   template<typename Obj > bool tlp::Rectangle< Obj >::intersect (const Rectangle< Obj > &r)
       const [inline] Returns true if r intersect 'this'.
   template<typename Obj > void tlp::Rectangle< Obj >::translate (const tlp::Vector< Obj, 2 > &v)
       [inline] Translate 'this' by vector v


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