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       ttk::labelframe - Container widget with optional label


       ttk::labelframe pathName ?options?


       A  ttk::labelframe  widget is a container used to group other widgets together.  It has an
       optional label, which may be a plain text string or another widget.


       -class                -cursor              -takefocus

       See the ttk_widget manual entry for details on the standard options.


       Command-Line Name:-labelanchor
       Database Name:  labelAnchor
       Database Class: LabelAnchor

              Specifies where to place the label.  Allowed values are  (clockwise  from  the  top
              upper  left  corner):  nw,  n,  ne, en, e, es, se, s,sw, ws, w and wn.  The default
              value is theme-dependent.

       Command-Line Name:-text
       Database Name:  text
       Database Class: Text

              Specifies the text of the label.

       Command-Line Name:-underline
       Database Name:  underline
       Database Class: Underline

              If set, specifies the integer index (0-based) of a character to  underline  in  the
              text  string.   The underlined character is used for mnemonic activation.  Mnemonic
              activation for a ttk::labelframe sets the keyboard focus to the first child of  the
              ttk::labelframe widget.

       Command-Line Name:-padding
       Database Name:  padding
       Database Class: Padding

              Additional padding to include inside the border.

       Command-Line Name:-labelwidget
       Database Name:  labelWidget
       Database Class: LabelWidget

              The  name  of  a  widget to use for the label.  If set, overrides the -text option.
              The -labelwidget  must  be  a  child  of  the  labelframe  widget  or  one  of  the
              labelframe's  ancestors,  and  must  belong  to  the  same  top-level widget as the

       Command-Line Name:-width
       Database Name:  width
       Database Class: Width

              If specified, the widget's requested width in pixels.

       Command-Line Name:-height
       Database Name:  height
       Database Class: Height

              If specified, the widget's requested height in pixels.   (See  ttk::frame(3tk)  for
              further notes on -width and -height).


       Supports  the  standard widget commands configure, cget, identify, instate, and state; see


       ttk::widget(3tk), ttk::frame(3tk), labelframe(3tk)


       widget, frame, container, label, groupbox