Provided by: verbiste-gnome_0.1.33-3_amd64 bug


       verbiste - french conjugation system


       g++ prog.cpp `pkg-config --cflags --libs libxml-2.0` -lverbiste-0.1


       Verbiste  is  a  library  that can conjugate French verbs given in the infinitive form and
       analyze conjugated French verbs.  It is also a GNOME Panel applet and a GNOME application.

       There are two commands, named french-conjugator(1) and french-deconjugator(1), which  make
       the library's functionality available from the command line and from scripts.

       The  GNOME application should be available under the GNOME Applications menu.  It can also
       be run from the command line by typing verbiste.  Verbiste can also be  used  as  a  GNOME
       Panel applet.


       The  library's  source  archive  comes  with  Perl and Java example programs that call the
       french-conjugator(1) and french-deconjugator(1) commands.  There are also example programs
       that use the C application programming interface.

       The library and the commands use verb and conjugation knowledge bases that are represented
       as XML files that are installed with the library (typically in /usr/share/verbiste-0.1).


       This program is free software; you may redistribute it under the terms of the GNU  General
       Public License.  This program has absolutely no warranty.


       Pierre Sarrazin

       See the verbiste Home Page:

       Comments are welcome.


       french-conjugator(1), french-deconjugator(1).


       The FrenchVerbDictionary object is not completely destroyed when its destructor is called,
       in order to avoid the excessively long clean up time  of  its  internal  trie.   Only  one
       instance  of  this  class  should  be  created and it should be destroyed when the program

       Version 0.1.x is an unstable  development  version.   The  programming  interface  of  the
       library  and  the  command-line  options  of the accompanying commands are not necessarily

       The documentation is not complete.

       The verb list and the conjugation templates have not been verified in detail.

                                         April 3rd, 2011                              verbiste(3)