Provided by: libsvga1-dev_1.4.3-31_i386 bug


       vga_setlogicalwidth - set the logical scanline width


       #include <vga.h>

       void vga_setlogicalwidth(int l);


       Set  the logical scanline width to l bytes. It must be a multiple of 8.
       Only changes the VGA register, drawing functions  don't  take  it  into
       account. The logical scan line width is the offset between points above
       each other in consecutive lines. Note that for some cards and  graphics
       modes a multiple of 8 will not suffice to ensure a proper video timing.
       You should only set l to multiples  of  the  value  returned  for  that
       graphics mode by vga_modeinfo(3).


       svgalib(7),      vgagl(7),      libvga.config(5),      vga_modeinfo(3),
       vga_displaystart(3), vga_claimvideomemory(3)


       This manual page was edited  by  Michael  Weller  <eowmob@exp-math.uni->.  The  exact  source of the referenced function as well as of
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