Provided by: libsvga1-dev_1.4.3-31_i386 bug


       vga_setwritepage - set the 64K SVGA page number


       #include <vga.h>

       void vga_setwritepage(int page);


       Usually  SVGA  cards have more than the 64K memory which suffice for an
       ordinary VGA.  However, the memory window mapped at  vga_getgraphmem(3)
       is  only  64K  bytes large.  vga_setwritepage() selects the page-th 64K
       memory chunk to be visible for writes at position vga_getgraphmem(3).

       vga_setreadpage(3) allows a different 64K memory chunk to  be  modified
       by  reads  from  this  memory window. This is a very useful feature for
       screen to screen pixmap copies. However, not all cards support this  in
       all  graphics  modes.  Check  vga_modeinfo(3) for availability. Esp. as
       this feature can also not be used when in background mode.

       Of  course,  this  function  must   be   used   in   conjunction   with
       vga_setreadpage(3)   but   may   not   be   used  in  conjunction  with


       svgalib(7),    vgagl(7),    libvga.config(5),    fun(6),    vgatest(6),
       vga_getgraphmem(3),       vga_claimvideomemory(3),      vga_modeinfo(3)
       vga_setpage(3), vga_setreadpage(3), vga_setlinearaddressing(3)


       This manual page was edited  by  Michael  Weller  <eowmob@exp-math.uni->.  The  exact  source of the referenced function as well as of
       the original documentation is unknown.

       It is very likely that both are at least to some extent are due to Harm
       Hanemaayer <>.

       Occasionally  this  might be wrong. I hereby asked to be excused by the
       original author and will happily accept any additions or corrections to
       this first version of the svgalib manual.