Provided by: corosync-dev_1.4.2-2_amd64 bug


       votequorum_leaving - Tell other nodes that we are leaving the cluster


       #include <corosync/votequorum.h>

       int votequorum_leaving(votequorum_handle_t handle);


       The  votequorum_leaving  function is used to tell the other nodes in the cluster that this
       node is leaving. They will (when the node actually  leaves)  reduce  quorum  to  keep  the
       cluster running without this node.

       This  function should only be called if it is known that the node is being shut down for a
       known reason and could be out of the cluster for an extended period of time.

       Normal behaviour is for the  cluster  to  reduce  the  total  number  of  votes,  but  NOT
       expected_votes  when a node leave the cluster, so the cluster could become inquorate. This
       is correct behaviour and is ther eto prevent split-brain.

       Do NOT call this function unless you know what you are doing.


       This call returns the CS_OK value if successful, otherwise an error is returned.


       The errors are undocumented.


       votequorum_overview(8),         votequorum_initialize(3),          votequorum_finalize(3),
       votequorum_dispatch(3), votequorum_fd_get(3),