Provided by: corosync-dev_1.4.2-2_amd64 bug


       votequorum_qdisk_poll - Tells votequorum the result of the quorum device poll


       #include <corosync/votequorum.h>

       int votequorum_qdisk_poll(votequorum_handle_t handle, unsigned int state);


       The  votequorum_qdisk_poll  is called by the quorum device subsyetem (not provided as part
       of votequorum) to tell the voting system if the qurum device is present/active or not.  If
       state is 1 then the votes for the device are included in the quorum calculation, otherwise
       not.  This routine should be called at regular intervals to ensure that the device  status
       is  always  known to votequorum. If votequorum_qdisk_poll is not called after (default) 10
       seconds then the device will be deeded to be dead and its votes removed from the  cluster.
       This  does not unregister the device.  The default poll time can be changed by setting the
       object database variable quorum.quorumdev_poll.


       This call returns the CS_OK value if successful, otherwise an error is returned.


       The errors are undocumented.


       votequorum_overview(8),         votequorum_initialize(3),          votequorum_finalize(3),
       votequorum_dispatch(3),           votequorum_fd_get(3),          votequorum_qdisk_poll(3),
       votequorum_qdisk_unregister(3), votequorum_qdisk_getinfo(3),