Provided by: wml_2.0.11ds2-1build2_amd64 bug


       wml::all - WML Include Files Of All Categories


        #use wml::all


       This includes all existing standard WML include files of all categories.  Use it only when
       you are a really lazy webmaster which just wants all features WML can provide ;-) It is
       always better to include one of the "wml::xxx::all" include files.

       The following categories currently exists:

       Standard (std)
           Here you can find all standard tagsets which everybody usually uses all the time.

       Webdesign (des)
           These are tagsets which help webdesigners of the 3rd generation fighting against the
           puristic plain HTML. Use with care.

       Formatting (fmt)
           Here you can find formatting environments, i.e. usually container tags which do
           special formatting.

       Import (imp)
           Here you can find import tags, i.e. usually tags which import external data and
           converts them to HTML.

       Support (sup)
           Some support stuff which is used in other include files.

       System (sys)
           All system related stuff.

       User (usr)
           The user specific include files. Should be extended by the webmaster for his users.


        Ralf S. Engelschall


        Internal: P1
        External: --


       wml::des::all(3), wml::fmt::all(3), wml::imp::all(3), wml::std::all(3), wml::sup::all(3),
       wml::sys::all(3), wml::usr::all(3).