Provided by: wml_2.0.11ds2-1build2_amd64 bug


       map2html - convert server-side to client-side imagemap


       map2html [-t type] [-d shape] [-n name] [-o outputfile] [-v] [inputfile]


       The map2html program reads inputfile and converts its contents from a server-side map to a
       client-side map.


       -t type
           Sets the type of the server-side map. Either "ncsa" (default) or "cern".

       -d shape
           Sets the default area shape. Either "def" (default) or "rect".

       -n name
           Produce a map called name. Default is inputfile.

       -o outputfile
           This redirects the output to outputfile. Usually the output will be send to "stdout"
           if no such option is specified or outputfile is ""-"".

       -v  This sets verbose mode where some processing information will be given on the console.


        Ralf S. Engelschall