Provided by: libzip-dev_0.10-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       zip_errors - list of all libzip error codes


       libzip (-lzip)


       #include <zip.h>


       The following error codes are used by libzip:

              [ZIP_ER_OK]            No error.

              [ZIP_ER_MULTIDISK]     Multi-disk zip archives not supported.

              [ZIP_ER_RENAME]        Renaming temporary file failed.

              [ZIP_ER_CLOSE]         Closing zip archive failed.

              [ZIP_ER_SEEK]          Seek error.

              [ZIP_ER_READ]          Read error.

              [ZIP_ER_WRITE]         Write error.

              [ZIP_ER_CRC]           CRC error.

              [ZIP_ER_ZIPCLOSED]     Containing zip archive was closed.

              [ZIP_ER_NOENT]         No such file.

              [ZIP_ER_EXISTS]        File already exists.

              [ZIP_ER_OPEN]          Can't open file.

              [ZIP_ER_TMPOPEN]       Failure to create temporary file.

              [ZIP_ER_ZLIB]          Zlib error.

              [ZIP_ER_MEMORY]        Malloc failure.

              [ZIP_ER_CHANGED]       Entry has been changed.

              [ZIP_ER_COMPNOTSUPP]   Compression method not supported.

              [ZIP_ER_EOF]           Premature EOF.

              [ZIP_ER_INVAL]         Invalid argument.

              [ZIP_ER_NOZIP]         Not a zip archive.

              [ZIP_ER_INTERNAL]      Internal error.

              [ZIP_ER_INCONS]        Zip archive inconsistent.

              [ZIP_ER_REMOVE]        Can't remove file.

              [ZIP_ER_DELETED]       Entry has been deleted.

              [ZIP_ER_ENCRNOTSUPP]   Encryption method not supported.

              [ZIP_ER_RDONLY]        Read-only archive.

              [ZIP_ER_NOPASSWD]      No password provided.

              [ZIP_ER_WRONGPASSWD]   Wrong password provided.


       Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <>