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       MPE_Seq_begin -  Begins a sequential section of code.


       void MPE_Seq_begin( MPI_Comm comm, int ng )


       comm   - Communicator to sequentialize.
       ng     -  Number  in  group.  This many processes are allowed to execute at the same time.
              Usually one.


       MPE_Seq_begin and MPE_Seq_end provide a way to force a section of code to be  executed  by
       the processes in rank order.  Typically, this is done with
       MPE_Seq_begin( comm, 1 );
       <code to be executed sequentially>
       MPE_Seq_end( comm, 1 );

       Often,  the  sequential  code  contains  output statements (e.g., printf ) to be executed.
       Note that you may need to flush the I/O buffers before calling  MPE_Seq_end  ;  also  note
       that  some  systems do not propagate I/O in any order to the controling terminal (in other
       words, even if you flush the output, you may not get the data in the order that you want).



                                            6/14/2000                            MPE_Seq_begin(4)