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     snc — National Semiconductor DP8393X SONIC Ethernet adapter driver


     device isa
     device snc


     The snc driver provides support for the National Semiconductor SONIC
     Ethernet adapters.


     The snc driver supports the following cards:

     ·   National Semiconductor DP83934AVQB
     ·   NEC PC-9801-83
     ·   NEC PC-9801-84
     ·   NEC PC-9801-103
     ·   NEC PC-9801-104
     ·   NEC PC-9801N-15
     ·   NEC PC-9801N-25
     ·   NEC PC-9801N-J02 PCMCIA
     ·   NEC PC-9801N-J02R PCMCIA

     The snc driver also includes support for the National Semiconductor
     NS46C46 as 64 * 16 bits Microwave Serial EEPROM.


     Accessing SONIC card data structures and registers as 32 bit values makes
     code endianness independent.  The SONIC is however always in big-endian
     mode so it is necessary to ensure that data structures shared between the
     CPU and the SONIC card are always in big-endian order.  The snc driver
     supports the PC-98 C-Bus, and PnP buses.  Support is also provided for
     the legacy C-Bus.


     The following driver specific error messages may be reported:

     snc%d: snc_nec16_register_irq: unsupported irq (%d)  The card returned an
     IRQ which is not supported by the driver.

     snc%d: invalid packet length %d bytes  An attempt to transfer a data
     packet failed due to an invalid packet length.


     netintro(4), bus_alloc_resource_any(9)


     The snc driver was ported from NetBSD by Motomichi Matsuzaki
     ⟨⟩ and Hiroshi Yamashita ⟨⟩.
     It first appeared in FreeBSD 4.2.  This manual page first appeared in
     FreeBSD 5.3.


     This manual page was written by Tom Rhodes ⟨⟩.


     Currently the snc driver only works on the PC-98 architecture.  It should
     probably work on the i386 architecture as well.