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     streams — System V STREAMS networking ABI support


     To compile support for this ABI into the kernel, place the following line
     in your kernel configuration file:

           device streams

     Alternatively, to load the ABI as a module at boot time, place the
     following line in loader.conf(5):



     The streams module provides limited System V Release 4 STREAMS
     interprocess communication ABI (application binary interface)
     compatibility for userland applications.

     Internally, streams provides STREAMS handles by using socket creation
     kernel routines, and adding state-tracking information to the socket to
     permit manipulation by STREAMS emulation code in svr4(4).  Hence, opening
     a stream device produces a result similar to what would be obtained by
     calling socket(2).

     Applications should never use this interface directly: STREAMS emulation
     is only provided as a service to support ABI requirements in the SVR4
     environment which svr4(4) needs to present to client binaries.




     System V Release 4 ABI support first appeared in FreeBSD 4.0.  The ABI
     was ported from an equivalent facility present in NetBSD 1.3 written by
     Christos Zoulas.


     This whole interface is a crude hack to produce STREAMS semantics through
     emulation over sockets.

     Programmers who hope to be able to use this interface to provide SVR4
     STREAMS services to BSD applications will be sorely disappointed.