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     vpd — Vital Product Data kernel interface


     device vpd


     IBM ThinkPad notebooks (and most IBM desktop PCs) have a 48-byte Vital
     Product Data (VPD) structure located in the BIOS Shadow RAM.

     The VPD provides machine type and model information, the build ID (this
     is roughly the BIOS version) and serial number information.

     The vpd driver scans the BIOS area and claims the memory used by the VPD
     structure.  It provides the sysctl(3) branch hw.vpd to allow this
     information to be accessed by the userland.  The following variables are
     provided, one per VPD attachment (there should only be one):

     MACHINE_TYPE   (machine.type) Machine type.
     MACHINE_MODEL  (machine.model) Machine model.
     BUILD_ID       ( BIOS Build ID.
     SERIAL_BOX     ( Box Serial Number.
     SERIAL_PLANAR  (serial.planar) Motherboard Serial Number.


     TP General - Using the BIOS Build ID to identify IBM ThinkPad systems,
     Reference #: MIGR-45120, November 22, 2002,


     The vpd driver first appeared in FreeBSD 5.1.


     The vpd driver and this manual page were written by Matthew N. Dodd