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       $HOME/.abook/abookrc - configuration file for abook address book program


       This manual page documents briefly the abookrc file.
       abookrc  is  the  (optional)  configuration  file  for  use with the abook(1) address book

       abookrc is stored in a  user's  $HOME/.abook  directory.  It  follows  a  format  of  “set
       option=value”.   The following information lists each of these options and the values they
       may take.

       If a variable is not set in abookrc , a sensible default, as listed with  the  description
       below, will be used.

       Comments in abookrc are on lines beginning with '#'.


              Defines whether the addressbook is automatically saved on exit. Default is true.

              Defines  whether all email addresses for a contact are shown in the main list view.
              Default is true

              Defines the screen column on the main list where the email  address  is  to  begin.
              Default is 25.

              Defines  the field to display in the extra (third) column on the main list. Default
              is "phone" (Home Phone).
              field can be any of the following:
              -1             disabled
              phone          Home Phone
              workphone      Work Phone
              fax            Fax
              mobile         Mobile Phone
              nick           Nickname/Alias
              url            URL
              notes          Notes

              This is an optional setting that allows you to specify an alternative field  to  be
              displayed  in  the extra (third) column if there is no data for the field specified
              in extra_column for a particular item. The strings for the fields are the  same  as
              above.  Please  note  that the data shown where the alternative field has been used
              will NOT be marked differently in any way from the rest of the extra column.  There
              is no default.

              Defines  the  screen  column  on  the  main list where the extra field is to begin.
              Default is 65.

              Defines the command to start mutt. Default is "mutt".

              Defines whether to return all email addresses matching the  search  criteria  to  a
              mutt query. Default is true.

              Defines the command to used when printing the addressbook. Default is "lpr".

              Defines  the command used to start the web browser to view a contact's URL. Default
              is "lynx".

              Defines the style of address formatting  to  be  used  when  exporting  as  text  /
              printing the database (European, UK, or USA). Default is European ("eu").

              This  option  allows  you  to force Abook use only ASCII characters. This option is
              useful if your terminal doesn't support non-ASCII characters. Default is false.

              Defines whether to avoid adding addresses already in data. Default is false.

              Defines the field to be used by the "sort by  field"  command.  Default  is  "nick"

              Defines if the cursor is visible in main display. Default is false.


       # sample abook configuration file

       # Automatically save database on exit
       set autosave=true

       # Show all email addresses in list
       set show_all_emails=true

       # Screen column for email field to start
       set emailpos=25

       # Field to be used in the extra column
       set extra_column=phone
       # frequently used values:
       #    -1          disabled
       #    phone       Home Phone
       #    workphone   Work Phone
       #    fax         Fax
       #    mobile      Mobile Phone
       #    nick        Nickname/Alias
       #    url         URL

       set extra_alternative=-1

       # Screen column for the extra field to start
       set extrapos=65

       # Command used to start mutt
       set mutt_command=mutt

       # Return all email addresses to a mutt query
       set mutt_return_all_emails=true

       # Command used to print
       set print_command=lpr

       # Command used to start the web browser
       set www_command=lynx

       # address style [eu|us|uk]
       set address_style=eu

       # use ASCII characters only
       set use_ascii_only=false

       # Prevent double entry
       set add_email_prevent_duplicates=false

       # field to be used with "sort by field" command
       set sort_field=nick

       # show cursor in main display
       set show_cursor=false




       This manual page was written by Alan Ford <>.

       abook was written by Jaakko Heinonen <>

                                           Jun 4, 2003                                 ABOOKRC(5)