Provided by: ax25-tools_0.0.8-13.2_amd64 bug


       axspawn.conf - Control the operation of axspawn.


       The  axspawn.conf  file controls the operation of the axspawn(8) program. The operation of
       the config file can best be seen in an example:

              # this is /etc/ax25/axspawn.conf
              # allow automatic creation of user accounts
              create    yes
              # guest user if above is 'no' or everything else
              # fails. Disable with "no"
              guest     ax25
              # group id or name for autoaccount
              group     ax25
              # first user id to use
              first_uid 400
              # maximum user id
              max_uid   2000
              # where to add the home directory for the new user
              home      /home/ax25
              # user's shell
              shell     /bin/bash
              # bind user id to callsign for outgoing connects.
              associate yes

       The “associate” option has to be used with great care. If a user logs on  it  removes  any
       existing  callsign  from  the  translation  table for this userid and replaces it with the
       callsign and SSID of the user. This will happen with  multiple  connects  (same  callsign,
       different SSIDs), too. Unless you want your users to be able to call out from your machine
       disable “associate”.