Provided by: alliance_5.0-20110203-4_amd64 bug


       catal - catalog file format


       Predefined libraries
              The environment variable MBK_CATA_LIB(1) defines several paths corresponding to the
              Alliance predefined cell libraries.  Each library is in one unix directory.

              sxlib               standard cell library

              dp_sxlib            data-path compiler library

              rflib               registers library

              ramlib              ram library

              romlib              rom library

              padlib              pads lib

              For each library, a special file named CATAL describes the library
                                  contents.  This file must be  in  the  same  directory  as  the
                                  library  cells.  For the Alliance tools, the cells described in
                                  the predefined libraries are read only.

       The working library
              The environment variable MBK_WORK_LIB(1) defines  the  current  working  directory.
              Its  default value is . (dot).  This directory will contain the user cells, seen as
              read write by the Alliance tools.  It is not necessary to  describe  all  the  user
              cells  in  a  catalog file.  But the user can locally define a catalog file for the
              working library.  The local catalog file name is set by  the  environment  variable
              MBK_CATAL_NAME(1),  CATAL  by default.  Alliance will concatenate all catalog files
              of the predefined libraries and the optional catalog file of the working library to
              access the attributs of each cell.

       Cells attributs
              A cell may be characterized by four attributs:

              C                   this attribut means that the cell is a leaf cell in the context
                                  of a recursive flatten, for either the layout or netlist  view.
                                  The cell will not be flattened.

              G                   this  attribut  means  that the cell has an existing equivalent
                                  GDS or CIF representation.  It is used by the symbolic to  real
                                  translation tool, s2r(1), to make direct replacements.

              F                   this attribut means that the cell is used as a feed through.

              D                   this attribut is used only in the user defined catalog.  As the
                                  user is not allowed to delete a cell in a  predefined  library,
                                  it  is  possible  to  virtually  remove  a cell of a predefined
                                  library with the D attribut in the user defined catalog.


       a2_y    C
       a2p_y   C
       a3_y    C
       a3p_y   C
       n1_y    C
       na2_y   C
       p1_y    C
       tie_y   C
       p1_y    G
       tie_y   F


       mbk(1), sxlib(1),  incatalog(3),  incatalogdelete(3),  incatalogfeed(3),  incataloggds(3),