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       client.conf - client configuration file for cups


       The  client.conf  file configures the CUPS client and is normally located in the /etc/cups
       or ~/.cups directory. Each line in the file can be  a  configuration  directive,  a  blank
       line, or a comment. Comment lines start with the # character.


       The  following  directives  are  understood  by  the  client. Consult the on-line help for
       detailed descriptions:

       Encryption IfRequested

       Encryption Never

       Encryption Required
            Specifies the level of encryption that is required for a particular location.

       GSSServiceName name
            Specifies the Kerberos service  name  that  is  used  for  authentication,  typically
            "host",  "http",  or "ipp". CUPS adds the remote hostname ("")
            for you. The default name is "@CUPS_DEFAULT_GSSSERVICENAME@".

       ServerName hostname-or-ip-address[:port]

       ServerName /domain/socket
            Specifies the address and optionally the port to use when connecting to  the  server.
            Note: Not supported on Mac OS X 10.7 or later.




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