Provided by: magic_7.5.214-1_i386 bug


       cmap - format of .cmap files (color maps)


       Color-map  files define the mapping between eight-bit color numbers and
       red, green and blue intensities used for those numbers.  They are  read
       by  Magic  as  part  of system startup, and also by the :load and :save
       commands in color-map windows.  Color-map file names usually  have  the
       form  x.y.z.cmapn, where x is a class of technology files, y is a class
       of displays, z is a class of  monitors,  and  n  is  a  version  number
       (currently  1).  The  version  number  will change in the future if the
       formap of color-map files ever changes.  Normally, x and  y  correspond
       to  the corresponding parts of a display styles file.  For example, the
       color map file mos.7bit.std.cmap1 is used today for most nMOS and  CMOS
       technology  files  using  displays  that support at least seven bits of
       color per pixel and standard-phosphor monitors.  It corresponds to  the
       display styles file mos.7bit.dstyle5.

       Color-map  files  are  stored  in ASCII form, with each line containing
       four decimal integers  separated  by  white  space.   The  first  three
       integers  are red, green, and blue intensities, and the fourth field is
       a color number.  For current displays the intensities must be  integers
       between  0 and 255.  The color numbers must increase from line to line,
       and the last line must have a color number of 255.  The red, green, and
       blue intensities on the first line are used for all colors from 0 up to
       and including the color number on that  line.   For  other  lines,  the
       intensities  on  that  line  are used for all colors starting one color
       above the color number on the  previous  line  and  continuing  up  and
       through  the  color  number on the current line.  For example, consider
       the color map below:

       255     0       0       2
       0       0       255     3
       255     255     255     256

       This color map indicates that colors 0, 1, and 2 are to be red, color 3
       is to be blue, and all other colors are to be white.


       magic(1), dstyle(5)