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       cntlist  -  file  listing number of times each tagged sense occurs in a
       semantic concordance, sorted most to least frequently tagged

       cntlist.rev - file listing number of times each tagged sense occurs  in
       a semantic concordance, sorted by sense key


       A  cntlist  file  for  a semantic concordance lists the number of times
       each semantically tagged sense occurs in the concordance and its  sense
       number in the WordNet database.  Each line in the file corresponds to a
       sense in the WordNet database  to  which  at  least  one  semantic  tag
       points.   Only  senses  that  are  tagged  in  a concordance are in the
       concordance's cntlist file.

   WordNet Database cntlist File
       In the WordNet database, words are  assigned  sense  numbers  based  on
       frequency of use in semantically tagged corpora.  The cntlist file used
       by grind(1WN) to build  the  WordNet  database  and  assign  the  sense
       numbers  is  a  union  of  the  cntlist files from the various semantic
       concordances that were formerly released by Princeton University.  This
       combined cntlist file is provided with the WordNet package and is found
       in the WNSEARCHDIR directory.

       The cntlist.rev file is used at run-time by the  WordNet  library  code
       and  browser  interfaces  to  print in the output display the number of
       times each sense has been tagged.

   File Format
       Each line in a cntlist file contains information for  one  sense.   The
       file is ordered from most to least frequently tagged sense.  The fields
       are separated by one space, and each line is terminated with a  newline
       character.   Senses having the same tag_cnt value are listed in reverse
       alphabetical order of the lemma field of the sense_key.

       Each line in cntlist is of the form:

              tag_cnt  sense_key  sense_number

       where tag_cnt is the decimal number of times the sense is tagged in the
       corresponding  semantic  concordance.   sense_key  is  a  WordNet sense
       encoding and sense_number is a WordNet sense number as described in

       The cntlist.rev file contains the same fields described above,  in  the
       following order:

              sense_key  sense_number  tag_cnt


       Princeton  no  longer  maintains  or  releases the Semantic Concordance
       files.  The cntlist file used to order the senses in  WordNet  3.0  was
       generated  from  the  Semantic Concordance files at the point that they
       were last updated in 2001.  In general, the order of  senses  presented
       usually  reflects what the user would expect, however sense ordering is
       now less reliable than in prior releases and should not be construed as
       an accurate indicator of frequency of use.


       WNHOME              Base    directory    for   WordNet.    Default   is

       WNSEARCHDIR         Directory in which the WordNet  database  has  been
                           installed.  Default is WNHOME/dict.


                           Base    directory    for   WordNet.    Default   is
                           C:\Program Files\WordNet\3.0.

                           User's default browser options.


       cntlist, cntlist.rev
                           file  of  combined  semantic  concordance   cntlist
                           files.   Used  to  assign  sense numbers in WordNet


       grind(1WN), wnintro(5WN), senseidx(5WN).