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       cray.conf - Slurm configuration file for the Cray-specific information


       cray.conf  is an ASCII file which defines parameters used by Slurm's select/cray plugin in
       support of Cray systems.  The file location can be modified at system build time using the
       DEFAULT_SLURM_CONF  parameter  or  at execution time by setting the SLURM_CONF environment
       variable. The file will always be located in the same directory as  the  slurm.conf  file.
       The default configuration parameters will work properly in a typical installation and this
       file will not be required.

       Parameter names are case insensitive.  Any text following a "#" in the configuration  file
       is  treated  as a comment through the end of that line.  The size of each line in the file
       is limited to 1024 characters.  Changes to the configuration file take effect upon restart
       of  SLURM  daemons,  daemon  receipt  of  the  SIGHUP  signal, or execution of the command
       "scontrol reconfigure" unless otherwise noted.

       The configuration parameters available include:

              Fully qualified pathname of the directory in which ALPS is installed.  The  default
              value is /usr.

              Fully   qualified   pathname   to  the  apbasil  command.   The  default  value  is

              Fully  qualified  pathname  to  the  apkill  command.    The   default   value   is

              Name of the ALPS database.  The default value is XTAdmin.

              Hostname of the database server.  The default value is sdb.

              Password  used  to access the ALPS database.  The default value is NULL, which will
              load the password from the my.cnf file.

              Port used to access the ALPS database.  The default value is 0.

              Name of user used to access the ALPS database.  The default value  is  NULL,  which
              will load the user name from the my.cnf file.

              SLURM  does  not  normally schedule jobs while its job or node state information is
              out of synchronization with that of ALPS. This parameter specifies a  maximum  time
              to defer job scheduling while waiting for consistent state.  The inconsistent state
              might be caused by a variety of hardware or software failures and proceeding  could
              result in more failures. The default value is 3600 (one hour). A value of zero will
              wait indefinitely for consistent state.


       # Slurm Cray support configuration file


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