Provided by: inn_1.7.2q-40build2_i386 bug


       distrib.pats - default values for Usenet Distribution header


       The  file /etc/news/distrib.pats is used to determine the default value
       of the Distribution header.  It consists of a series  of  lines;  blank
       lines  and lines beginning with a number sign (``#'') are ignored.  All
       other lines consist of three fields separated by a colon:

       The first field is the weight to assign to this match.  If a  newsgroup
       matches  multiple  lines,  the  line  with the heighest weight is used.
       This should be an arbitrary number greater than zero.  Unlike other INN
       files, the order of lines in this file is not important.

       The  second  field  is  the name of the newsgroup or a wildmat(3)-style
       pattern to specify a set of  newsgroups.   Multiple  patterns  are  not

       The third field is the value that should be used if this line is picked
       as the best match.  It can be an empty string.

       Programs such as inews(1) that process a user's posting should  consult
       this  file,  typically  by  using  the  DDxxx  routines,  documented in
       libinn(3).  The intent is that all newsgroups to which  an  article  is
       posted  be used to index into this file, and the value with the highest
       weight should be used as the value of the Distribution header, if  none
       was specified.


       Written  by  Rich  $alz <> for InterNetNews.  This is
       revision 1.7, dated 1996/09/06.


       inews(1), libinn(3).