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       distributions - Recommended values for the Distribution: header


       The file pathetc/distributions contains a list of relevant
       distributions and their descriptions.  It provides local information
       for posters who wish to add a Distribution: header to their articles so
       as to restrict their propagation, although it does not guarantee that
       such articles will not leak elsewhere because of a misconfiguration of
       a news server to which they are fed.  See newsfeeds(5) for more
       information about how a news server handles the Distribution: header.

       Each line of this file consists of a distribution area followed by its
       description (encoded in UTF-8) after at least a whitespace.  For

           fr      Local to France.
           local   Local to this news server.
           nj      Local to New Jersey.
           usa     Local to the United States of America.

       Blank lines and lines beginning with a number sign ("#") are ignored.

       Any client that issues the LIST DISTRIBUTIONS command obtain these
       recommended values, if available.  However, be aware that use of the
       LIST DISTRIBUTIONS command is not widespread (though documented in
       RFC 6048) and most news clients will never ask for this file.

       If this file is empty, it is not an error.  The server will just send
       the client an empty response.  And if the file is missing, the server
       will also send the client an appropriate response to indicate that the
       distributions list is not maintained on the server.

       The Distribution: header can also be automatically set by nnrpd if
       distrib.pats(5) is correctly configured.


       Written by Julien Elie for InterNetNews.

       $Id: distributions.pod 9138 2010-10-29 18:09:50Z iulius $


       distrib.pats(5), newsfeeds(5), nnrpd(8).