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       gnunetd.conf - GNUnet daemon configuration file




       GNUnet  uses two configuation files, one for user interfaces (gnunet.conf) and one for the
       server (gnunetd) and  associated  administrative  tools.   This  man  page  describes  the
       configuration file for the server.

       /etc/gnunetd.conf  is the default location for the configuration file used by gnunetd, the
       GNUnet daemon.  It contains the network and resource  configuration  for  the  peer.   You
       should  use  gnunet-setup  to  create  the  configuration.   Use  the -c option to specify
       alternative locations for the configuration file.  Binary distributions are encouraged  to
       install an appropriate configuration file in /etc/gnunetd.conf.

       The  basic  structure  of the configuration file is the following.  The file is split into
       sections.  Every section begins with [SECTIONNAME] and contains a number of options of the
       form  OPTION=VALUE.   Empty  lines  and  lines beginning with a # are treated as comments.
       Some options are optional, in particular certain sections are not used at all  unless  the
       corresponding  service  module  is  loaded  (e.g.  you  do  not have to configure the SMTP
       transport unless you decide to use it).


              gnunetd configuration file


       Report bugs by using mantis <> or by sending  electronic  mail  to


       gnunet-setup(1), gnunet.conf(5), gnunet-update(1)