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       groups.conf - Configuration file for ClusterShell external node groups


       The ClusterShell library obtains node groups configuration options from
       the system-wide configuration file /etc/clustershell/groups.conf.

       The configuration file has a format in the style of RFC 822 composed of
       several sections which may be present in any order. Sections are:

       Main   General options definition


              External commands definition for group source Group_source (map,
              all, list and reverse)

       Configuration parameters of the Main section are described below.

              Specify the default group source used by the NodeSet parser when
              the  user  does  not  specify  explicitly  the group source (eg.

       Configuration parameters of each group  source  section  are  described

       map    Specify  the external shell command used to resolve a group name
              into a nodeset, list of nodes or list of nodeset  (separated  by
              space characters or by carriage returns). The variable $GROUP is
              replaced before executing the command.

       all    Optional external shell command that should  return  a  nodeset,
              list  of  nodes  or  list of nodeset of all nodes for this group
              source. If not specified, the library will try  to  resolve  all
              nodes  by  using  the  list  external  command in the same group
              source followed by map for each group.

       list   Optional external shell command that should return the  list  of
              all  groups for this group source (separated by space characters
              or by carriage returns).

              Optional external shell command used to find the group(s)  of  a
              single  node. The variable $NODE is previously replaced. If this
              upcall is not specified, the reverse operation  is  computed  in
              memory  by  the  library  from  the list and map external calls.
              Also, if the number of nodes to  reverse  is  greater  than  the
              number  of  available  groups,  the  reverse external command is
              avoided automatically.

       Each external command might return a  non-zero  return  code  when  the
       operation is not doable. But if the call return zero, for instance, for
       a non-existing group, the user will not receive any error  when  trying
       to  resolve  such  unknown  group.   The desired behaviour is up to the
       system administrator.


       All external command results are cached in  memory  to  avoid  multiple


       Simple  configuration  file  for  local  groups  and  slurm  partitions

       default: local

       map:  awk -F: '/^$GROUP:/ {print $2}' /etc/clustershell/groups
       list: awk -F: '/^w/ {print $1}' /etc/clustershell/groups

       map: sinfo -h -o "%N" -p $GROUP
       all: sinfo -h -o "%N"
       list: sinfo -h -o "%P"
       reverse: sinfo -h -N -o "%P" -n $NODE



              System-wide external node groups configuration file.


       clush(1), clubak(1), nodeset(1)


       Stephane Thiell, CEA DAM  <>


       CeCILL-C V1