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       hosts.conf - Access control for Network UPS Tools CGI programs


       The CGI programs (upsset.cgi(8), upsstats.cgi(8), upsimage.cgi(8)) use
       this file to determine if they are allowed to talk to a host. This
       keeps random visitors from using your web server to annoy others by
       creating outgoing connections.


       MONITOR ups description
           The ups element is in the form upsname[@hostname[:port]]. To allow
           connections to a UPS called "snoopy" on a system called "doghouse"
           that runs upsd on port 7877, it would look like this:

               MONITOR snoopy@doghouse:7877 "Joe Cool"

           The description must be one element, so if it has spaces, then it
           must be wrapped with quotes as shown above. The default hostname is


       upsset.cgi(8), upsstats.cgi(8), upsimage.cgi(8)

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