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       instances.conf_ - zorp(8) instances database


       The instances.conf file describes the zorp(8) instances to be run on the system. It is
       processed by zorpctl(8) line by line, each line having the structure described below.
       Empty lines and lines beginning with '#' are comments ignored by zorpctl.


       instance-name parameters [-- zorpctl-options]

       instance-name is the name of the Zorp instance to be started; it is passed to zorp with
       its --as parameter. Instance names may consist of the characters [a-zA-Z0-9_] and must
       begin with a letter.

       parameters are space separated parameters entered into the zorp command-line. For details
       on these command-line parameters see zorp(8).

       zorpctl-options are space separated parameters control startup specific options. They are
       processed by zorpctl itself. The following zorpctl options are available:

       --auto-restart or -A
           Enable the automatic restart feature of zorpctl. When an instance is in auto-restart
           mode, it is restarted automatically in case the instance exits.

       --no-auto-restart or -a
           Disable automatic restart for this instance.

       --fd-limit <number> or -f <number>
           Set the file descriptor limit to <number>. The file descriptor limit defaults to the
           number of threads (specified by the --threads parameter of zorp(8)) multiplied by 4.

       --process-limit <number> or -p <number>
           Set the process limit to <number>. The process limit defaults to the number of threads
           (specified by the --threads parameter of zorp(8)) multiplied by 2.

           Explicitly enable core dumps for Zorp processes. The core limit is inherited from the
           local starting environment (e.g.: starting shell) if not specified.


       zorp_ftp --policy /etc/zorp/ --verbose 5

       The line above describes a zorp instance named zorp_ftp using policy file
       /etc/zorp/, and having verbosity level 5.

       zorp_intra -v4 -p /etc/zorp/ --threads 500 --no-auto-restart --fd-limit 1024
       --process-limit 512

       This line describes a zorp instance named zorp_intra using the policy file
       /etc/zorp/, verbosity level 4. The maximum number of threads is set to 500, file
       descriptor limit to 1024, process limit to 512.


       The default location of instances.conf is /etc/zorp/instances.conf. Defaults for zorpctl
       tunables can be specified in /etc/zorp/zorpctl.


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