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       mbot.conf —       mbot configuration file




       mbot.conf is organized in sections where you can associate handlers to mails.

       When  mbot receive a mail, it will search for a section having a name which match the mail
       subject, then use the associated handler. So the name of the section will  depend  on  the
       subject  to  use,  and  the  parameters  to  be defined in this section will depend on the
       selected handler.

       Here is a list of available handlers:

                 Used to perform some search with the well known search engine

                 This one allows to download some url and attach its content to the return  mail,
                 with the mime type properly set.

                 You  can  also  send some news (with images) to mbot, it will fill your database
                 with it. Currently supported RDBMs are PostgreSQL and MySQL, so you will have to
                 choose between PgNewsHandler and MyNewsHandler.

                 This one will make mbot call an arbitrary given command!

Default and common options

       For each section we have a common option who's:

       HANDLER   This option define for the current section which Handler will be used.

                 Here we define which are the e-mail addresses allowed to use associated Handler.
                 Only e-mails are stored here, like this: name@domain.tld.  If  no  BLACKLIST  is
                 defined then the sender MUST be in this list otherwise mail will be rejected

                 This  list  contains  blocked  emails.  If sender is in this list, mbot won't be
                 allowed to handle the request.  If BLACK_LIST exists  but  not  WHITE_LIST  then
                 every  sender  who's  not in this list will be allowed to use this Handler.  The
                 format of the list is: ["email@domain.tld", "email2@anotherdom.tld"].  It's  the
                 same as WHITE_LIST.

       Default options:

                 Email address used in the response.

       LOG_LEVEL Here  we tell the Logger which level we want to log to syslog. Those levels are,
                 from lower to higher, emerg - alert - crit - err - warning -  notice  -  info  -

Handler's options

       GoogleHandler's options:

                 HOST      This  is  the  first  for  this  Handler,  it  define the host for the
                           searching engine.

                 BASE_URL  Define here the string that is usually used by the searching engine.

       UrlHandler's options:

                 MAILSIZE  This option define the maximum mail size while mbot fetch url,  sender
                           will receive error message if mail size exceed this value.

                 ATTSIZE   For  each attachement we define a size behind which mbot will raise an

       NewsHandler's options:

                 HOST      This is the FQDN for the database server.

                 DB        The name of the database.

                 DB_USER   Username to add entry into database.

                 NEWS_TBL  Name of the table used by the Handler.

                           Name of the sequence table used by the  Handler.   Usually  used  with
                           Postgres server's.

                           Used  if  sender attach an image with his mail, in this directory mbot
                           will resize image to store  it  as  normal  and  thumbnail  size  into

                 tnX and tnY
                           These are the options for thumbnail resizing.

                 SITE      This  is  a  list  in which mbot will select the site according to the
                           receiver email. It will be used to feed the database.

                 PHOTO_TBL This option is optionnal, it will be used only if  you  want  to  have
                           pictures associated to news.

                           Name  of  the  sequence table used by the Handler for the photo table.
                           Usually used with Postgres server's.

       Note that there is no option for PipeHandler.


       Please report bugs to the authors.

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       mbot was writen  by  Dimitri  Fontaine  and  Christophe  Truffier  nah-