Provided by: notmuch_0.12-1_i386 bug


       notmuch-hooks - hooks for notmuch




       Hooks  are  scripts (or arbitrary executables or symlinks to such) that
       notmuch invokes before and after certain actions. These scripts  reside
       in  the .notmuch/hooks directory within the database directory and must
       have executable permissions.

       The currently available hooks are described below.

               This hook is invoked by the  new  command  before  scanning  or
               importing  new  messages  into the database. If this hook exits
               with a non-zero status, notmuch will abort  further  processing
               of the new command.

               Typically this hook is used for fetching or delivering new mail
               to be imported into the database.

               This hook is invoked by the new command after new messages have
               been  imported  into  the  database  and initial tags have been
               applied. The hook will not be run if there have been any errors
               during the scan or import.

               Typically  this  hook is used to perform additional query-based
               tagging on the imported messages.


       notmuch(1),   notmuch-config(1),   notmuch-count(1),   notmuch-dump(1),
       notmuch-new(1),    notmuch-reply(1),    notmuch-restore(1),    notmuch-
       search(1), notmuch-search-terms(7), notmuch-show(1), notmuch-tag(1)