Provided by: libgettext-ocaml-dev_0.3.4-1build1_amd64 bug


       ocaml-gettext - common options to manage internationalisation in OCaml program through
       ocaml-gettext library.


        [{ignore} | {inform-stderr} | {raise-exception}]]
        [--gettext-disable] [--gettext-domain-dir {textdomain} {dir}]
        [--gettext-dir {dir}]
        [--gettext-language {language}]
        [--gettext-codeset {codeset}]


       This section describes briefly the common options provided by programs using ocaml-gettext

       --gettext-failsafe ignore
           Defines the behaviour of ocaml-gettext regarding any error that could be encountered
           during the processing of string translation.  ignore is the default behaviour. The
           string returned is the original string untranslated. This behaviour is consistent and
           allows to have a usable output, even if it is not perfect.

       --gettext-failsafe inform-stderr
           Same behaviour as ignore, except that a message is printed on stderr,

       --gettext-failsafe raise-exception
           Stops the program by raising an exception when an error is encountered.

           Disables any translation made by ocaml-gettext. All translations return the original
           string untranslated.

       --gettext-domain-dir textdomain dir
           Defines a dir to search for a specific domain. This could be useful if MO files are
           stored in a non standard directory.

       --gettext-dir dir
           Adds a directory to search for MO files.

       --gettext-language language
           Sets the language to use in ocaml-gettext library. The language should be POSIX
           compliant. The language should follow the following convention:
           lang[_territory][.charset][@modifier]. The lang and territory should be two letters
           ISO code. Charset should be a valid ISO character set (at least recognised by the
           underlying charset recoding routine). For example, valid languages are:
           fr_FR.ISO-8859-1@euro, de_DE.UTF-8.

       --gettext-codeset codeset
           Sets the codeset for output.

       Users should be aware that these command line options, apply only for strings after the
       initialisation of the library. This means that if the options initially guessed by
       ocaml-gettext don't match the command line provided, there should be some untranslated
       string, because these strings are translated before parsing options. This is particularly
       true for the usage message itself (--help): even if the strings are translated, they are
       translated before setting the correct option.

       Some options (--gettext-codeset for example) are overrided internally for particular use.
       It should be required to always translate strings to UTF-8 in graphical user interface
       (because GTK2 requires it).