Provided by: opensc_0.12.2-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       pkcs15-profile - format of profile for pkcs15-init



       The pkcs15-init utility for PKCS #15 smart card personalization is controlled via
       profiles. When starting, it will read two such profiles at the moment, a generic
       application profile, and a card specific profile. The generic profile must be specified on
       the command line, while the card-specific file is selected based on the type of card

       The generic application profile defines general information about the card layout, such as
       the path of the application DF, various PKCS #15 files within that directory, and the
       access conditions on these files. It also defines general information about PIN, key and
       certificate objects. Currently, there is only one such generic profile, pkcs15.profile.

       The card specific profile contains additional information required during card
       intialization, such as location of PIN files, key references etc. Profiles currently
       reside in @pkgdatadir@


       This section should contain information about the profile syntax. Will add this soonishly.


       pkcs15-init(1), pkcs15-crypt(1)