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     PMK Syntax — PMK files syntax manual


     This manual page describe the basic syntax used in PMK files such as pmkfile and scanfile


     PMK uses pseudo types like the following:

     bool        The classical boolean type with TRUE and FALSE values.

                 For example:


     identifier  An identifier is a string of alphanumerical and underscores characters.

                 For example:


     quoted      This means quoted string which can contain a set of characters delimited by
                 quotation marks.

                 For examples:

                       "simple quoted string"
                       "string that contain \"quotes\" backslashed"
                       "can also contain filenames like pmkfile.scan"

     list        It is one or more of the previous types between brackets.  Multiple objects are
                 separated with a comma.  Blanks are currently not allowed beside commas, this
                 means that you can find them only in a quoted string of the list.

                 For example:

                       ("added a boolean",TRUE)
                       (mixed_list_of,"words","and",TRUE,"quoted strings")


     PMK can contain comments, blank lines and commands.

     A command has the following format (? character means optional field):

           <command><?(label)> {

     The command and label names can be assimilated to the 'word' type.  See DATA TYPES above.

     The body can contain comment(s) and definition line(s).  A commented line start with a '#'
     character like the following:

           # this is a comment line

     A definition line has the following format:

           <?blank><key name><?blank>=<?blank><key value>

     The key name is of identifier type.

     The key value type can be 'bool', 'quoted' or 'list'.  The right type will depend on the key
     name (see further).

     For example:

           CHECK_INCLUDE(header_sys_param) {
                   # following options use different uses of blank characters
                   # key value is word type
                   REQUIRED = TRUE
                   # key value is list type
                   DEPEND= ("dep_one",dep_two,"dep_three")
                   # key value is quoted type
                   INCLUDE = "sys/param.h"


     pmkfile(5), scanfile(5)