Provided by: qmail_1.06-4_i386 bug


       qmail-control - qmail configuration files


       You  can  change  the behavior of the qmail system by modifying qmail's
       control files in /var/lib/qmail/control.

       qmail can survive with just one control file, me, containing the fully-
       qualified  name  of the current host.  This file is used as the default
       for other hostname-related control files.

       Comments are allowed in badmailfrom, locals, percenthack,  qmqpservers,
       rcpthosts,  smtproutes,  and  virtualdomains.  Trailing spaces and tabs
       are allowed in any control file.

       The following table lists all control files other  than  me.   See  the
       corresponding man pages for further details.

              control             default            used by

              badmailfrom         (none)             qmail-smtpd
              bouncefrom          MAILER-DAEMON      qmail-send
              bouncehost          me                 qmail-send
              concurrencylocal    10                 qmail-send
              concurrencyremote   20                 qmail-send
              defaultdomain       me                 qmail-inject
              defaulthost         me                 qmail-inject
              databytes           0                  qmail-smtpd
              doublebouncehost    me                 qmail-send
              doublebounceto      postmaster         qmail-send
              envnoathost         me                 qmail-send
              helohost            me                 qmail-remote
              idhost              me                 qmail-inject
              localiphost         me                 qmail-smtpd
              locals              me                 qmail-send
              morercpthosts       (none)             qmail-smtpd
              percenthack         (none)             qmail-send
              plusdomain          me                 qmail-inject
              qmqpservers         (none)             qmail-qmqpc
              queuelifetime       604800             qmail-send
              rcpthosts           (none)             qmail-smtpd
              smtpgreeting        me                 qmail-smtpd
              smtproutes          (none)             qmail-remote
              timeoutconnect      60                 qmail-remote
              timeoutremote       1200               qmail-remote
              timeoutsmtpd        1200               qmail-smtpd
              virtualdomains      (none)             qmail-send


       qmail-inject(8), qmail-qmqpc(8), qmail-remote(8), qmail-send(8), qmail-
       showctl(8), qmail-smtpd(8)