Provided by: shorewall_4.4.26.1-1_all bug


       tos - Shorewall Type of Service rules file




       This file defines rules for setting Type Of Service (TOS)

       The columns in the file are as follows (where the column name is
       followed by a different name in parentheses, the different name is used
       in the alternate specification syntax).

       SOURCE - {all|address]|all:address|$FW}
           If all, may optionally be followed by ":" and an IP address, a MAC
           address, a subnet specification or the name of an interface.

           Example: all:

           MAC addresses must be prefixed with "~" and use "-" as a separator.

           Example: ~00-A0-C9-15-39-78

       DEST - {all|address]|all:address}

       PROTOCOL (proto) - proto-name-or-number
           Protocol name or number.

       SOURCE PORT(S) (sport) - {-|port|lowport:highport}
           Source port or port range. If all ports, use "-".

       DEST PORT(S) (dport) - {-|port|lowport:highport}
           Destination port or port range. If all ports, use "-"

       TOS - tos
           Must be one of the following;

                       tos-minimize-delay (16)
                       tos-maximize-throughput (8)
                       tos-maximize-reliability (4)
                       tos-minimize-cost (2)
                       tos-normal-service (0)

       MARK - [!]value[/mask][:C]
           If you don't want to define a test but need to specify anything in
           the following columns, place a "-" in this field.

               Inverts the test (not equal)

               Value of the packet or connection mark.

               A mask to be applied to the mark before testing.

               Designates a connection mark. If omitted, the packet mark's
               value is tested.




       shorewall(8), shorewall-accounting(5), shorewall-actions(5),
       shorewall-blacklist(5), shorewall-hosts(5), shorewall_interfaces(5),
       shorewall-ipsets(5), shorewall-maclist(5), shorewall-masq(5),
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[FIXME: source]                   12/13/2011                  SHOREWALL-TOS(5)