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       routestopped - The Shorewall6 file that governs what traffic flows
       through the firewall while it is in 'stopped' state.




       This file is used to define the hosts that are accessible when the
       firewall is stopped or is being stopped. When shorewall6-shell is being
       used, the file also determines those hosts that are accessible when the
       firewall is in the process of being [re]started.

       The columns in the file are as follows (where the column name is
       followed by a different name in parentheses, the different name is used
       in the alternate specification syntax).

       INTERFACE - interface
           Interface through which host(s) communicate with the firewall

       HOST(S) - [-|address[,address]...]
           Optional comma-separated list of IP/subnet addresses. If your
           kernel and ip6tables include iprange match support, IP address
           ranges are also allowed.

           If left empty or supplied as "-", is assumed.

       OPTIONS - [-|option[,option]...]
           An optional comma-separated list of options. The order of the
           options is not important but the list can contain no embedded
           whitespace. The currently-supported options are:

               Set up a rule to ACCEPT traffic from these hosts back to
               themselves. Beginning with Shorewall 4.4.9, this option is
               automatically set if routeback is specified in
               shorewall6-interfaces[1] (5) or if the rules compiler detects
               that the interface is a bridge.

               Allow traffic from these hosts to ANY destination. Without this
               option or the dest option, only traffic from this host to other
               listed hosts (and the firewall) is allowed. If source is
               specified then routeback is redundant.

               Allow traffic to these hosts from ANY source. Without this
               option or the source option, only traffic from this host to
               other listed hosts (and the firewall) is allowed. If dest is
               specified then routeback is redundant.

               Allow traffic between the firewall and these hosts throughout
               '[re]start', 'stop' and 'clear'. Specifying critical on one or
               more entries will cause your firewall to be "totally open" for
               a brief window during each of those operations. Examples of
               where you might want to use this are:

               ·   'Ping' nodes with heartbeat.

               ·   LDAP server(s) if you use LDAP Authentication

               ·   NFS Server if you have an NFS-mounted root filesystem.

           The source and dest options work best when used in conjunction with
           ADMINISABSENTMINDED=Yes in shorewall6.conf[2](5).


       Example 1:

                       #INTERFACE      HOST(S)                 OPTIONS
                       eth2            2002:ce7c:92b4::/64
                       eth0            2002:ce7c:92b4:1::/64
                       br0             -                       routeback
                       eth3            -                       source




       shorewall6(8), shorewall6-accounting(5), shorewall6-actions(5),
       shorewall6-blacklist(5), shorewall6-hosts(5), shorewall6-interfaces(5),
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        1. shorewall6-interfaces

        2. shorewall6.conf

[FIXME: source]                   12/13/2011            SHOREWALL6-ROUTESTO(5)