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           variables - Format of specifying variable names to SNMP tools.




       Variable names are in the format of Object Identifiers (ASN.1).  There are several methods
       of representation. Each variable name is given in the format of A.B.C.D..., where A, B, C,
       and  D  are  subidentifiers  in  one  of two forms of notation.  Each subidentifier may be
       encoded as a decimal integer, or a symbol as found in the RFC1066 MIB.  The  case  of  the
       symbols is not significant.
       If there is no leading "." in the variable name, the name will be formed as if having been
       preceded with "".  A "." must be  placed  before  the  first
       variable if the user is to fully specify the name.  For example:

       1.1.0 system.sysDescr.0 and 1.sysDescr.0

       all refer to the same variable name.  Likewise:


       All refer to the same variable name.

       The description of the variables in the MIB is given in the set of MIB  files  defined  by
       the  MIBS  environment  variable (or the default list defined at compilation time) and the
       MIB files in the /usr/share/snmp/mibs directory (or the MIBDIRS environment variable).


       RFC 1065, RFC 1066, RFC 1067, ISO IS 8824(ASN.1)


       The parser of the MIB files file is not expected  to  handle  bizarre  (although  correct)
       interpretations of the ASN.1 notation.